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By timoarroz - Posted on 15 May 2012

Web Address:

Friends School
901 Breckenridge Lane
Louisville, Kentucky

Phone: 502-899-1822
Fax: 502-899-1850

Kristina Davis Christensen, Executive Director
Cheryl Schleuning, Special Needs Coordinator

Grades JK - 5th Grade

About Us:
Founded in 1980, Friends School is a non-profit, non-sectarian, family cooperative school whose mission is to provide experiential, non-competitive, child-centered educational opportunities where individual differences are respected and celebrated and where children with special needs are welcome. Our programs serve children twelve months through fifth grade and celebrate the uniqueness of each child.

Preschool Program
Based on the belief that growth is social and emotional as well as intellectual, Friends School's Preschool Program provides young children with a positive early school experience in a loving and fun learning environment. We believe that the preschool years are an important foundation that is best supported with love, respect and encouragement. At Friends, caring, dedicated teachers and staff come together with parents to provide a nurturing, family-like atmosphere in which to learn and grow. The Preschool Day is from 9am - 12pm

Bright Beginners - begins at 12 months, meets TTh, MWF, or all five days
Twos - meets TTh, MWF, or all five days
Blended 2/3s - for older twos and younger threes - meets TTh, MWF, or all five days
Threes - meets TTh, MWF, or all five days
Blended 3/4s - for older threes and younger fours - meets M-F
Four Day Fours - meets MTThF
Five Day Fours - meets M-F
Elementary Program

The Elementary curriculum is a natural extension of the Preschool Program - children learn best through play and actual experiences. Utilizing curriculum developed by Sopris West, Houghton Mifflin, and Foss, students participate in large group, small group, and individual instruction in the core subject areas of reading, math, social studies and science. Special areas include music, art, Spanish, Kid Fit (physical education) and conflict resolution. Frequent field trips to museums, nature centers, performing arts centers and other valuable resources in the community are also an integral part of the curriculum. The children also participate in community service projects throughout the year to strengthen their awareness of the world around them and help them learn ways in which they can make a contribution to their community. Evaluation of student progress is based on student journals, individualized and structured assessments, and portfolios conveyed through written narratives. Frequent student-teacher-parent communication enables the teachers to determine each child's strengths and needs and to set appropriate goals throughout the year. The Elementary school day is from 8:30am - 3pm

Half-Day Kindergarten - meets from 8:30am - 12pm. Full days may be added throughout the year, for an additional fee, to ease the transition to full day in First Grade.
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade will be added in the 2010-2011 school year
Fifth Grade will be added in the 2011-2012 school year

In addition to coursework offered within the school day, Friends School offers extracurricular, after school programs for elementary students including Locker Soccer Programs, and elementary clubs like Art, Lego, Basketball, and Drama Clubs. Please take a look at our Family Handbook. It goes into great detail about our views and policies.