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Professional Development Opportunities

By timoarroz - Posted on 02 May 2012

Register for TTL 2019 here: Tech Teach Learn 2019

What is TTL?
Tech-Teach-Learn is the “Technology for Teaching and Learning Conference.” It is an opportunity for educators to learn how to be more effective in using technology in the classroom. The conference is held at Kentucky Country Day School in June of each year.

In even years, the conference is two days of one-hour sessions covering a variety of topics. In odd years, it is a one day event that includes a round of more intensive workshops.

Tech-Teach-Learn offers sessions on a variety of technologies and topics. Sessions last year included topics such as G Suite for Education (Google), websites and apps for subject-specific curriculum, iPads, Twitter, coding, app smashing, STEAM/makerspace curriculum, flipped lessons, social media, and intellectual property rights when using digital media.

The conference has sessions for teachers of all grade levels (Pre-K through high school), all subject areas, and all technology skill levels. Sessions for school administrators and IT staff are also available.

Attendees should bring a device to the conference and should read the session description for details about other items to bring/do ahead of the conference!

(Please note that all attendees must be registered through the official website. Registration is open to anyone 18 or older.)