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By timoarroz - Posted on 20 January 2011

Web Address:

Name & Address:
Kentucky Country Day
4100 Springdale Road
Louisville, KY 40241
(502) 423-0440
Fax (502) 423-0445

Head Master:
Bradley E. Lyman

Director of Admissions:
Marche Harris
(502) 814-4309
Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

Type of School:
JK - 12th Grade

Kentucky Country Day School is an independent, JK–12, coeducational school located on a spacious 85-acre campus in eastern Jefferson County. KCD combines a rigorous academic program with a wide variety of athletic and extracurricular programs. Our outstanding faculty create an intimate learning environment that is both challenging and supportive.

Our Mission:
Kentucky Country Day School challenges its students to achieve their highest level of academic excellence and to grow into honorable men and women of confidence and integrity. We inspire personal growth through a diverse community and participation in arts, athletics, and community service. By doing so, Kentucky Country Day School prepares its students to live successful lives and make meaningful contributions to society. This mission is summed up in our motto: Citizen, Scholar, Steward.
What Makes KCD Distinctive?

At KCD, the pursuit of excellence unifies all facets of school life. In the classroom, students are challenged by a rigorous academic program that teaches them to read with insight, think critically, and speak and write with clarity and precision. Small classes allow our exceptional faculty to ensure that all students are actively engaged with the learning process. The result is an academic setting that sets the standard in Kentucky for independent college preparatory education.

The arts are a vital component of a truly excellent education. Classes in the arts are an integral part of KCD’s curriculum at every grade level, and through classes in drama, music, and the visual arts, students are challenged to think critically about the arts and to explore diverse modes of creativity and personal expression.

Values such as teamwork, courage, and determination are often learned most memorably outside the classroom. Through a wide range of athletic and extracurricular programs, KCD provides a multitude of ways for students to -grow and develop as far as their ability and determination will take them. At KCD, the pursuit of excellence takes place in an environment that stresses honor and accountability. Through a school-wide honor code and the student-run Honor Council in the Upper School, KCD encourages students to take responsibility and to conduct themselves with integrity.

KCD provides its students with a wide variety of athletic, extracurricular, fine arts, and community service opportunities. The school fosters an environment in which students are encouraged to explore new interests and are supported in their efforts by a committed faculty. Our philosophy is to combine a wide degree of student participation with a high level of achievement. Nearly every student who wishes to participate can find an opportunity to do so, and the result is a student body that is broadly involved in activities outside the classroom.

KCD’s commitment to small class sizes fosters close relationships between students and teachers, and our faculty are involved with students in many different ways: as teachers, coaches, sponsors, advisors, and mentors. Our teachers get to know their students in a way that is not possible at many other places, and our students benefit from the wisdom and experience of a faculty who are experienced, friendly, and accessible. KCD’s intimate environment also leads to close friendships among students, and activities at every grade level seek to build a sense of community and respect. Graduating classes are often extremely close, and friends made at KCD often remain friends for life. Every successful school is born from a sense of community among students, faculty, parents, and alumni. At KCD, a vital Parent Association provides a multitude of opportunities for parents to participate in the life of the school, and our alumni are an important presence on campus as guest speakers, mentors, and volunteers. Fostering a sense of community also involves recognizing KCD’s role in the surrounding community of Louisville. Through service to the community and opportunities to assume responsibility, students learn that their actions can and should have a positive impact on others. This is part of an education for life and a part of our school’s mission.