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By timoarroz - Posted on 20 January 2011

Web Address:

Name & Address:
Meredith-Dunn School
3023 Melbourne Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40220
Voice: 502-456-5819
Fax: 502-456-5953

Head of School:
Kathy Beam

Director of Admissions:
Cynthia Bunnell, Director of Admissions
502-456-5819 ext. 203

Type of School:
Instructional Levels 1 - 8

Special Characteristics and programs:

  • Small classes for children who have identified learning differences such as dyslexia, audio processing deficits, written expression deficits, visual processing deficits, and ADD/ADHD
  • Fully Accredited by the Independent Schools Assoc. of Central States
  • Low Teacher/Student Ratio
  • Comprehensive Curriculum and Individualize Instruction
  • Social Skills Classes for all students to foster self esteem and develop decision making abilities
  • Art Classes
  • Physical Education
  • Integrated Instruction using the latest technology
  • Technological supports including
  • Classroom sound field systems
  • Alphasmarts provided to each student, levels 3-8
  • School-wide networked TV station with digital editing
  • Computers in classrooms and instructional lab
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Mission Statement:
    The mission of Meredith-Dunn School is to provide specialized instruction in a nurturing environment that is designed to support the empowerment of students with average to above average intelligence in grades 1-8, who have learning disabilities and / or other learning differences, in becoming competent learners and resilient individuals.

    General Information:
    Since 1971, Meredith-Dunn School is geared to the very special needs of its population. We believe that every child has a potential to learn, and the overall development and well being of the whole individual, academically, socially and emotionally, is the core of our program. The objective with each child is to determine his/her learning difficulties and learning style and to enhance optimal learning rate and capacity along with self-esteem. Each student is taught in ways to help him/her achieve the skills, and concepts, and learning strategies necessary to be successful and realize his/her potential despite learning obstacles.

    Students are grouped according to instructional achievement levels, chronological age, and social maturity. Within our schedule, there is flexibility to address individual strengths and weaknesses and to optimize individual creativity. Close monitoring of student achievements and needs is continuous. When a student is determined ready to exit our program, administration and staff work closely with parents in locating appropriate placement. It is important for parents and children to set realistic goals when entering our school program. The average enrollment period varies with the needs of each student, sometimes for a few years, and at times for some children, until they are ready to enter high school.

    The primary focus of our curriculum is the development of the language arts and mathematics skills. Our comprehensive curriculum includes:
    1. Language Arts - reading, English, phonics, spelling, handwriting, thinking skills, verbal and written communication skills
    2. Mathematics
    3. Social studies
    4. Science and health
    5. Physical education and gross motor development
    6. Arts/fine motor development
    7. Organization and study skills
    8. Social skills
    9. Computer skills

    Activities are offered both inside and outside the curriculum and help students develop physically, socially, and intellectually. The school atmosphere is rich with festivals, talent shows, school-wide celebrations, and out-of- classroom learning experiences.

    Enrichment activities enable students to expand interests and skills, while community service projects teach responsibility and connectedness to the world around them. Inside and outside the classroom, students are continually growing!

    Every child has a potential to learn. In some children, however, this potential is masked by some degree of learning difficulty. Children who experience learning problems often have great ability, however their strengths have not been fully developed, nor their areas of weakness addressed. They might develop frustration because, although capable, they do not learn in the traditional way, thus they come to doubt and blame themselves.

    We understand that a child who has specific learning issues may become easily frustrated in a regular classroom setting. Your child may have exhibited some behavioral difficulties due to his or her learning challenges. For this reason, all children upon entering our school program will be in a transition period. If after a normal adjustment period in our positive and nurturing learning environment, as well as, after applying specific behavioral interventions, your child continues to struggle with unresolved behavior problems, he or she will be asked to make other school arrangements. Our school program is designed to work with students who have true academic learning difficulties. We are unable to address behavior and emotional conditions that impede learning within our school population and curriculum design.

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